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Charge Apple Watch Without Its Dedicated Charger

Luckily, there are several ways to charge your Apple Watch without the dedicated charger Apple sells. Some of the options include a portable USB travel charger, a magnetic charging dock, and a Reserve Strap. 

You can even purchase a magnetic charging cable. While Apple did shut down the magnetic charger project, we are still able to use ours in our everyday lives. 

But if you’re traveling and need to charge your Apple Watch quickly, you may want to find a better solution.

Alternatives To Apple’s Magnetic Charging Dock

Alternatives To Apple's Magnetic Charging Dock

The apple magnetic charging dock is a great device to charge your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. It features a built-in wireless charger, a raised design, and a forward-facing magnetic plate. Because of its design, the AirPod case will stay in place while it charges. 

Despite the price, the Apple magnetic charging dock is a versatile option. Most iPhone models are compatible with this dock, but it doesn’t support the AirPods 1.

Most of the comparable charging stations require you to lay your phone flat on a flat surface or angle it to a specific angle. On the other hand, the Belkin magnetic charging stand holds your phone up in the air, with the phone attached to a magnetic charging puck in the center.

The Belkin dock’s center rises 4 1/2 inches above the base, and its circular indentation is large enough to accommodate AirPods and other wireless headphones. A forward-angled metal stalk also terminates in an Apple Watch puck.

If you don’t need the MagSafe charger, you can opt for a USB-C magnetic wireless charging cable. This cable comes in a sleek metallic finish and complements the aesthetics of the Apple products. 

Its cable is almost five feet long, a significant advantage over the MagSafe Charger cable. Plus, this cable is reversible. Another attractive feature of this cable is its slim design.

You can also use an adapter for a MagSafe-compatible iPhone, iPad, or other Qi-compatible devices. However, unlike Apple’s MagSafe magnetic charging dock, it doesn’t support fast charging. You can also get a stand-alone MagSafe charger for your iPhone. 

Although it doesn’t work as fast as the MagSafe Duo Charger, this one does not require any special license.

Portable USB Travel Chargers

Portable USB Travel Chargers

If you are traveling and want to keep your Apple smartwatch charged and fully functional, you need a portable USB travel charger. These chargers offer many benefits. Most of these devices weigh less than a pound and are small enough to fit in your pocket or purse. 

They are also safe for use on your Apple smartwatch, with safety features that protect against overvoltage and short circuit. Portable chargers for Apple Watches have the ability to charge your watch and many other handheld devices.

A reliable travel charger for Apple Watch should be compatible with your device and work with all current models. 

Choose an Apple certified charger if you have a doubt. Non-Apple chargers are often inferior. Make sure to choose the right one for your travel needs, as non-Apple chargers vary in quality. If you are concerned about battery life, choose a charger that offers a long enough charge time.

If you are on a budget, a USB power bank can be an affordable and convenient way to recharge your Apple smartwatch. The Magnetic 1000mAh Power Bank Wireless Charger by OIFEN is a great option, with a battery capacity of 1,000mAh and a 45-degree adjustable design. 

The charger is small and lightweight, making it easy to carry in your pocket. It adheres to all Apple safety norms, including overvoltage and short circuit protection, and comes with an extra USB cable.

You should consider purchasing a portable USB travel charger for Apple Watch. This way, you can charge your wearable anytime without worrying about a power outage. And while a portable charger can be handy, it’s best to use it in your hotel room. 

Then, you can use the charger when you need it most. Keep one in your carry-on or personal item to avoid losing it. A good travel charger for Apple Watch will keep it powered and keep you from forgetting it in your hotel room.

If you’re not sure which Apple Watch portable charger to buy, you can opt for a wireless charging case. These gadgets are lightweight and portable. And because they are made for travel, they can be easily packed in your bag. 

If you don’t travel often, you should invest in a portable charger that allows you to recharge your Apple Watch anywhere. Moreover, some of these portable chargers even have a built-in battery.

Reserve Strap

Reserve Strap

If you want to charge your Apple Watch without using its Dedicated Charger, you can try a wireless charging band called the Reserve Strap. This battery band can charge your phone while you’re wearing your watch. It also speeds up the charging process by 6% to 7%. 

However, the developer has stopped this project after Apple got wind of it. Not only did they not want people to tamper with their products and cause them to overheat, but Apple did not want customers to risk overheating their watches.

One of the biggest drawbacks of using the Reserve Strap is that it is not certified under the Apple Watch accessory program. The program allows manufacturers to design and sell approved bands for the Apple Watch. 

However, the guidelines for Apple Watch bands are very specific, including that bands cannot block sensors. This is not the case with bands that access the six-pin port, so Apple’s stance on using the Reserve Strap is not yet clear.

The Reserve Strap can be pre-ordered for $249 and will be available in white, gray, and black. It will fit both the 38mm and 42mm Apple Watches. 

Pre-orders are expected to begin shipping in the fall. Those interested in pre-ordering a Reserve Strap should check back soon. However, don’t forget that Apple has warned users to be careful when using unofficial third-party charging accessories. 

Overheating accidents have been linked to faulty charging accessories, so Apple advises users to use only officially-approved third-party chargers.

Luckily, there’s another way to extend the battery life of an Apple Watch without a Dedicated Charger. The Reserve Strap uses a hidden port in the device’s clasp slot on the bottom band. Simply lift the small cap to expose the hidden port. 

In addition, you can even charge your watch without its Dedicated Charger by using an iPhone charger. Using the USB cable also gives you the added convenience of attaching it to your keys.

Aside from using the Dedicated Charger, an Apple Watch can also use the Reserve Strap to charge without its devoted charger. The Reserve Strap also serves as an external battery. 

It is the only solution to Apple’s battery issue. While the Dedicated Charger is an excellent charging solution, you should only use it with an Apple-approved charger. And never try to charge your Apple Watch with a non-Apple Watch charger.

Apple’s Magnetic Charging Cable

Apple's Magnetic Charging Cable

One of the most common complaints about charging your Apple Watch with a traditional charger is its tangled mess. 

Fortunately, Apple has finally made things a little bit easier with its new magnetic charging cable for Apple Watch. Instead of messing around with unsightly exposed contacts, magnetic connectors snap into place automatically and are sealed for extra protection. In addition, the magnetic watch charger is easy to use, too, with a simple snap of a connector.

As the magnetic charging cable ages, it will need to be replaced. The Apple Watch Magnetic Fast Charger can charge the Apple Watch Series 7 33 percent faster than the standard Apple Watch charging puck. 

Apple’s cable is one meter long and is available separately for $29, or as part of an Apple Watch accessory kit. This new cable is compatible with the current and future versions of the Apple Watch, and will not cause the watch to sag when charging.

The USB-C-to-USB-C charging cable is the best option for charging your Apple Watch from a USB-C port. It has a USB-C connector and is compatible with both Apple’s Watch and the iPad Pro. The Satechi USB-C Magnetic Charging Dock provides similar functionality, but costs twice as much and is not nearly as versatile as the Apple Watch charging cable. 

Best Buy also offers an Insignia Apple MFI-certified 4′ Apple Watch magnetic charging cable, but it’s a bit more expensive than the Ugreen cable.

While the new USB-C charging cable is faster and more efficient than the old USB-A cable, the Ugreen Magnetic Charging Cable for Apple Watch is a great alternative. It’s cheap, Apple-certified, and compatible with almost any phone charger. 

And it works just like the original Apple charging cable, too. But with a little more protection, it’s worth it. This cable will fit snugly in your pocket or bag and will work well with all of Apple’s new products.


MagSafe is a universal charging technology that’s been around longer than the iPhone Lightning connector. But with more users adopting MagSafe, Apple is hoping to make it a better solution to charging on the go. 

The MagSafe ecosystem is not perfect, but it’s definitely getting there and will be widely available in time.

That’s great news for you! You’ll thank yourself for the convenience, and it’ll help your Apple Watch last longer than any other charging cable.

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