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Does Putting Diamonds On A Rolex Lower The Value

You may be wondering if putting diamonds on a RoleX watch will reduce the value of the watch. In this article, we will examine what makes a watch lose its value when diamonds are added.

Aftermarket diamond settings became more sophisticated over time. In fact, in the early 2000s, you could get diamonds on your Rolex and have it look much more expensive.

But, is it worth the money?

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Will Adding Diamonds Decrease A Watch’s Value?

Adding diamonds to your Rolex can add some serious bling to your timepiece. However, diamonds should be added by a professional watch mechanic.

This will not only ruin the look of your timepiece, but will also void its manufacturer warranty. The watch manufacturer will not provide additional services to those who decide to add diamonds. In addition, if you add diamonds on your Rolex yourself, you are risking the watch’s value.

Putting diamonds on a Rolex will only diminish its value if the stones are of inferior quality. A genuine factory-set diamond is much rarer than one added after the fact.

The difference between a factory-set diamond and one that has been added later is largely the reference number. It’s a matter of taste, and personal preference, but you should always remember that a fake Rolex will likely have an unattractive reference number.

Do Diamonds Devalue Rolex?

Do diamonds devalue Rolex? That’s the question on everyone’s lips. It’s true that a diamond-encrusted Rolex can devalue as compared to a plain, white gold model.

However, that doesn’t mean that diamond-encrusted Rolex is necessarily worth less. On the contrary, diamonds in a luxury watch can increase the desirability and value of a premium product. But not all diamonds are created equal.

It’s true that a brand-new Rolex can depreciate rapidly, but this doesn’t mean it’s worthless. A secondhand Rolex, on the other hand, can appreciate over time.

Even a slightly damaged secondhand Rolex can increase in value. The average second-hand Rolex will be worth the same price after a year, while a new Rolex will drop substantially.

Does Rolex Put Diamonds On Watches?

You may be wondering whether adding diamonds to a Rolex watch will decrease its value. In fact, diamonds are not necessarily inferior to other types of precious stones. They can detract from a watch’s overall value.

Regardless of their quality, diamonds on a luxury watch add beauty and exclusivity. However, not all diamonds are created equal. Some are less durable than others, which is why Rolex only adds a small amount of diamonds to their watches.

When it comes to choosing a gemstone to adorn a Rolex watch, it is important to know what to look for. Rolex employs a team of jewelers and gemologists to ensure the highest quality possible.

Whether they use natural or synthetic gems, each gemstone is inspected and graded individually. In general, Rolex uses stones with IF clarity and between D and G color grades.

What Makes A Rolex Lose Value?

Adding diamonds to a Rolex does not necessarily lower its value. On the contrary, adding diamonds to a watch can raise its value.

In fact, many collectors prefer to buy vintage Rolex Submariners with unpolished dials and original diamonds. In addition, many collectors prefer to purchase a Rolex with diamonds supplied by the brand.

Some collectors collect rare Rolex models, such as the President, the Submariner, and the Day-Date. Collectors especially appreciate the green Submariner models, nicknamed “Kermit” and “Hulk.” Although these models are no longer being produced, they are becoming more valuable.

There are only slight differences between the Submariner 116610 and the Submariner 126610, but collectors laud the attention to detail and upgrades.

What Diamonds Does Rolex Use?

When selecting gemstones for a Rolex watch, the color and clarity of the stones are of utmost importance. Many people assume that all diamonds are colorless, but white diamonds actually come in a wide range of colors.

A diamond’s color grade ranges from D to M. D is colorless, while M has a noticeable yellow hue. Rolex uses only diamonds that meet these standards.

Some watch experts claim that Rolex uses ‘4-Claw’ settings for their diamonds. A channel setting allows for minimum metal coverage and more light to enter the stone.

The most expensive Rolex watches feature this style. These diamonds are set using a computer-guided process.

Some are more expensive than others, but a Rolex watch will last for generations. In addition to diamonds that are carefully selected, Rolex watches are also highly resistant to scratches.

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