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How To Charge A Solar Watch Fast

If you’re wondering, “How do I charge my solar watch faster?” or “how long does it take to charge a dead solar watch”, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we will show you how to speed up the charge process and get your solar watch back to 100% charge in no time.

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Having a dead solar watch will make you feel desperate, so keep reading for some tips and tricks.

How To Charge Solar Watch Fast?

If you’re wondering how to charge your solar watch fast, you’ve come to the right place. Unlike conventional watches, solar watches do not require sunlight to recharge.

You can use an artificial solar charger to charge your solar watch without sunlight. Here are a few ways to charge a solar watch.

But first, know how to charge your solar watch properly. Then, follow these tips to ensure that your solar watch always remains in good condition.

To charge a solar watch, look for its charging indicator. It’s often a symbol or a light. The power meter will show you how much energy the solar cell is storing.

When you look at the meter, it should move from left to right. If it’s taking a long time to move, you need to charge the battery. If the power meter doesn’t move, your watch is not charging fast enough.

How Can I Make My Solar Charger Charge Faster?

If you have a solar watch, you’ll probably want to know how to make it charge faster. Solar chargers can take longer to charge your solar watch, so you might want to use a hand crank charger instead.

These hand crank chargers will convert mechanical energy into electrical energy and charge your solar watch battery, but they will still be faster than sunlight. And they can be used anytime you’re outside.

If you live in an area without sunlight, you can try placing your solar watch on the dashboard of your car while you’re driving.

If you don’t have direct sunlight, you can try using an LED flashlight or battery-operated UV light to charge your watch.

You should remove your solar watch’s sleeves before using the LED light. After setting up the charger, you’ll need to check the indicator to see if it needs to be charged.

How Long Does It Take To Charge Solar Watch?

If you’re wondering, “How long does it take to charge a solar watch?” you’ve come to the right place. Your solar watch’s battery needs a constant source of light to recharge.

A fluorescent lamp gives off 500 lux to a square meter box. Higher lux is better, as it produces more heat. However, lower lux may take up to 150 hours to charge your watch.

Generally, a solar-powered watch needs at least three hours of direct sunlight to fully recharge. However, it can last for up to 12 months under the same conditions if left in darkness.

Some modern solar watches don’t need as much sunlight to charge. Instead, it takes as little as three minutes to recharge them. Some can even last a decade. A solar watch’s battery life can be extended up to 50% by proper maintenance.

How Long Does It Take To Charge A Dead Solar Watch?

Unless you’re wearing your solar watch all the time, it’s going to eventually die due to insufficient light. That’s why it’s important to recharge it periodically.

It can take up to 150 hours to fully charge a solar watch if it isn’t exposed to sunlight. To avoid having to wait so long, it’s best to leave it in the sun to charge, preferably in direct sunlight.

Most solar watches have a charge indicator, so it’s easy to see when it’s time to recharge. While natural sunlight is best, LED lights work in some situations.

If you don’t have a window where you can get ample natural light, you can use an LED light instead. LED lights will charge the watch quicker, and you can even put it under a window if the sun’s not available.


Charging a solar watch is an easy process. While it works best under natural sunlight, some devices can charge your watch faster under artificial light. In such cases, it is important to pull your sleeve up to avoid damage. However, be aware that the charge will not last forever.

So, how to charge a solar watch fast? Continue reading for some useful tips. Listed below are some tips to speed up the charging process.

First, make sure that the solar panel is exposed to sunlight. The intensity of the natural sunlight is constantly changing due to the shifting clouds and the Earth’s rotation.

Moreover, indoor lights do not produce enough energy to excite electrons in the solar panel cells. Therefore, charging a solar watch using indoor lights will take longer. So, if you want to charge your solar watch quickly, use natural sunlight.

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