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Is Samsung Or Apple Better

If you’re in the market for a new smartphone, you’re probably wondering: Is Samsung or Apple better? You might also wonder whether Apple phones have better supply chain management.

Apple’s iOS operating system organizes apps more intuitively, and the battery life and durability of their phones are unbeatable.

And you might be interested in how each brand organizes their apps. In this article, we’ll cover some of the major differences between the two companies’ smartphones.

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Apple Vs Samsung: Which Brand Should You Buy?

Apple Beats Samsung In Supply Chain Management

As Apple’s iPhone sales grow, the company faces competition from Samsung and other smartphone makers. While Apple is more advanced in terms of supply chain management, Samsung has made strides.

The two companies have shortened their supply chains in many ways and are competing on several fronts. Apple has been innovating for decades, but Samsung continues to outpace it.

Here’s how they are doing it. Read on to find out how Samsung beats Apple in supply chain management.

Apple has experienced unprecedented iPhone sales in Mainland China, and has aggressively priced its flagship devices to maintain a strong value proposition.

However, recent shortages of key components have forced Apple to cut production plans. The company cut its production plans by ten million iPhones in the third quarter due to a global chip shortage, but is on track to recover from this shortfall.

The company also recently cut its iPhone 13 production plan due to global chip shortages, but expects supplies to improve in 2022.

Battery Life

While the Galaxy S21 Ultra is the best battery life phone of last year, it was eclipsed by the iPhone 13 Pro Max with its nine-hour and 52-minute battery life in a YouTuber’s test.

Apple’s new flagship phone, the iPhone 13 Pro Max, is also a great battery life option, thanks to its 120-Hz display. But what are the advantages of both Samsung and Apple’s battery life?

In general, the battery life of Samsung phones is significantly better than the battery life of the iPhone. However, a large proportion of this has to do with how each manufacturer manages power.

The iPhone uses power-saving technologies, which can help extend the battery life. Samsung jams massive batteries into their phones.

The Samsung phones, on the other hand, outperform the iPhone in current-generation tests. And which one is better?


When it comes to durability, Samsung and Apple’s latest flagship smartphones are almost on par. The iPhone XS Max’s glass is more durable than the Galaxy S22, and the Galaxy S21 is arguably more resistant to drops. Apple has claimed that its latest phones have a stronger Gorilla Glass covering than its predecessors.

In a series of drop tests, PhoneBuff put both phones through four calculated drops. Though both devices broke their rear glass, the Galaxy S10+ took more damage than the iPhone.

Regardless of price, Samsung and Apple’s new phones are still better than their predecessors when it comes to durability. The Galaxy S22 series is much stronger than its predecessor, and the iPhone 13 is more resilient.

The iPhone 6 has the most screen area, at 5.5 inches, but it may still be tough to grip. Apple’s new iPhone 13 series uses “Ceramic Shield” glass, which is supposed to be more durable than traditional glass.


Which is better for security? Apple and Samsung both offer solid security measures, but they have different strengths and weaknesses. Apple has better security in many ways, including encryption, but Samsung has a much better track record when it comes to security.

Samsung has better data saving security, but is their OS susceptible to hacker attacks? Let’s take a look at each and see how each one compares to the other. Depending on which features you need most, Samsung is better than Apple.

The security of an Android device is only as good as the software updates that are applied to it. Android security is less secure than that of iOS, due to its fragmented ecosystem.

Apple and Google release software updates to all their devices at once, while most other manufacturers must apply them in the wild.

Apple’s latest update is iOS 15, so it’s easier for older iPhones to run the latest software. Even if it’s not a major security improvement, it’s better than nothing.

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