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Download Android Smartwatch Apps

Whether you’re using an Android smartwatch or an Apple Watch, you’ve probably wondered how to download apps to them. 

Here’s how to get Google Maps, Shazam, Dark Sky, Uber, and more. Once you have the apps, all you have to do is sign into the Android Wear store and you’re all set to go. 

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You can download apps for all of your devices, or just the ones you want.

How To Download Android SmartWatch Apps? [Complete Guideline]

Google Maps

If you’ve ever wondered how to download Google Maps apps for Android smart watch, then you’ve come to the right place. Google’s latest wearable device has the ability to connect to your Android phone and provide directions to your watch.

Google Maps on your smartwatch is just as convenient and useful as the one on your phone. It provides step-by-step navigation and spoken instructions. The Google Maps App supports a variety of gestures, such as long tapping and pinching. It even works in languages other than English.

You can also download offline maps. This feature is useful if you’re traveling in remote areas or abroad and don’t have a data plan.

However, you don’t get all the benefits of online maps, such as real-time traffic information. But offline maps allow you to find and use GPS directions, even without an internet connection. Using offline maps will allow you to save a location even if you’re not connected to WiFi.


If you’re looking for Android Smartwatch apps, you’ve come to the right place. Shazam is an app that helps you identify music around you. The Wear OS app allows you to run Shazam by voice command, and you don’t need to unlock your phone to do so.

Instead, you can launch the app right from your wrist. You can then download the song to your phone for listening anytime you want.

The app works by creating a digital fingerprint of the sound you’re listening to, and then matching that fingerprint with the database of the Shazam music recognition service.

The app also features Auto Shazam, which identifies TV shows and music automatically. You can activate Auto Shazam by holding the Shazam button while listening to music, or turn it off by tapping the button. Shazam also works with Google’s Music Sync.

Dark Sky

The Dark Sky Android Smartwatch app offers a wide variety of information to the wearer, whether he is walking around the city or planning a trip. This app also offers notifications and next-hour weather forecasts. However, the app can be unreliable at times.

To improve the app’s reliability, Dark Sky has recently redesigned its mobile apps. If you are a subscriber to Android, you can download the free app and upgrade when it becomes available.

Dark Sky Android Smartwatch app offers weather forecasts and a time machine feature. You can also view the current temperature and precipitation forecast. While this app is not perfect, it does provide a variety of features and functions.

For example, a detailed daily forecast can be obtained with the help of AccuWeather, which includes a MinuteCast feature that tracks minute-by-minute weather changes. Likewise, AccuWeather provides hourly forecasts for the next three days and a 15-day forecast.


If you’ve been waiting for an Uber app for Android Smartwatch, it may be about time. Thankfully, the company has released a standalone app for Android Wear 2.0. Unlike the smartphone app, the standalone app works without a smartphone connection.

In fact, the app even lets you check the status of your current ride. It may not be as functional as the smartphone app, but it’s still a great option if you’re on the go.

While Uber has an app for Android Wear 2.0, you’ll need a smartwatch that supports this version of Android. For now, the LG Watch Style and LG G Watch are compatible with the Uber Android Smartwatch app. But you can expect the app to be available for other smartwatches soon, including the Samsung Gear S4.

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