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Why Is My Apple Watch Battery Draining So Fast

The Apple Watch is an excellent device that helps you stay connected, track your fitness goals, and manage your daily activities.

However, one common issue that many Apple Watch users face is a fast-draining battery. This problem can be frustrating, especially if you rely on your watch to get through the day.

In this article, we will explore the possible causes of Apple Watch battery drain and provide you with practical solutions to fix this issue.

Whether you have the latest Apple Watch Series 7 or an older model, this guide will help you extend your battery life and get the most out of your watch.

Why is my Apple Watch Suddenly Draining Battery?

If you’re wondering why your Apple Watch is drained so quickly, it may be related to apps you’re using. Running apps in the background consumes a lot of battery power, and you’re not using them, so force-quitting them is an easy way to save battery.

Force-quitting apps will also make the watch use less battery power, so if you’re experiencing this problem, you should try to fix it before it’s too late.

There are several different causes of battery drain on the Apple Watch. Some of these include unofficial accessories, extreme temperatures, or old watchOS versions that don’t do a good job of power management.

Some people report that their battery drains even more than the recommended 18 hours after a full charge. To solve the battery drain issue, make sure you’re running the most recent OS version, and disable all features that use a lot of battery.

Causes of Sudden Battery Drain on Apple Watch:

  1. Running too many apps in the background: When you leave many apps running in the background, they continue to use up battery power even when you’re not using them. This can cause your Apple Watch to drain its battery faster than usual.
  2. Using unnecessary features: The Apple Watch comes with many features such as heart rate monitoring, GPS, and always-on display that can drain the battery quickly. If you’re not actively using these features, turn them off to conserve battery life.
  3. Outdated software: If your Apple Watch is running on outdated software, it can cause the battery to drain faster than usual. Make sure your watch is up to date by going to Settings > General > Software Update.
  4. Faulty apps: Some third-party apps are poorly optimized, which can cause them to consume a lot of battery power. Uninstall these apps or update them to the latest version to prevent battery drain.
  5. Worn-out battery: Over time, the battery in your Apple Watch will naturally degrade, which can cause it to drain faster than usual. If your watch is old and the battery is worn-out, consider replacing the battery.

Solutions to Sudden Battery Drain on Apple Watch:

  1. Turn off unnecessary features: If you’re not actively using certain features such as GPS or always-on display, turn them off to save battery life. You can do this by going to Settings > General > Display & Brightness.
  2. Disable background app refresh: To prevent apps from running in the background, go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and turn off the feature.
  3. Update software: Make sure your Apple Watch is running on the latest software version to fix any bugs and improve battery performance.
  4. Uninstall faulty apps: If you notice that a specific app is causing the battery to drain quickly, consider uninstalling it or updating it to the latest version.
  5. Replace worn-out battery: If your Apple Watch is old and the battery is worn-out, consider replacing the battery. You can do this at an Apple Store or a certified Apple service provider.

How to Fix Apple Watch Battery Draining Fast?

If your Apple Watch is draining its battery fast, there are several solutions that will help you get the problem fixed. The most common causes of this problem are software and hardware glitches. If you cannot repair the problem yourself, you should contact Apple Support or visit the nearest Apple Store.

You can also use an adapter to charge the Apple Watch if the battery is too low. Listed below are the most common fixes for this problem.

Close apps running in the background. Apple Watch uses a lot of battery power when apps are running in the background. Close them regularly, especially those that are not in use. To disable background apps, you need to go to the Watch app on the connected iPhone and choose General.

From here, tap Background app refresh. Toggle the toggle switch off any app you don’t want to run in the background. By doing this, you can dramatically increase your Apple Watch’s battery life.

How to fix Apple Watch 7 battery draining issue?

If your Apple Watch battery is constantly draining, you should try restarting it. This will force your watch to shut down and restart its operating system. It will clear any RAM glitches and restart all of its programs. You should charge your watch enough to prevent this problem from recurring.

If this doesn’t work, try turning off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to see if that helps. If you cannot, you can also force restart your Apple Watch by holding the side button and digital crown together. You should also restart the iPhone that is connected to your watch.

You can also disable the feature that wakes the screen when you raise your wrist. It has been linked to the watchOS 7 battery draining issue. To disable this feature, navigate to My Watch and tap on “Handwashing”. You will notice a setting between Contacts and Health.

Disabling this feature will not affect your battery usage immediately, but it will be helpful to check your watch on a fresh charge.


The Apple Watch is a powerful device that requires proper maintenance to perform optimally. If you’re experiencing battery drain issues, the first step is to identify the cause and take appropriate steps to fix the problem.

By following the tips and solutions outlined in this article, you can extend your battery life and get more out of your Apple Watch. If you’re still experiencing issues, it may be time to contact Apple Support for further assistance. Remember, a healthy Apple Watch battery means a more enjoyable user experience.

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