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Will Rolex Service A Watch With Aftermarket Diamonds

While many watch owners enjoy customizing their watches. The truth is that Rolex won’t service a watch that has been customized with aftermarket parts. 

Aftermarket diamonds can be fake, and some vendors will put junky diamonds in the bezel. Other items may be low-priced, but they’re not of high quality. 

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If you’re thinking about adding some aftermarket parts to your watch, here are some helpful tips to help you make the right decision.

Should I Add Aftermarket Diamonds To My Rolex?

Should I Add Aftermarket Diamonds To My Rolex

When it comes to Rolex watches, the first thing you need to know is that adding aftermarket diamonds is not recommended.

These are inferior-quality diamonds, and should never be added to any luxury timepiece. Adding aftermarket diamonds to a watch may lower its value, and even reduce its resale value.

The process of adding diamonds to a Rolex is relatively expensive, and can even damage the watch if done incorrectly.

However, the added diamonds will significantly alter the look of your Rolex, so it is wise to buy only factory diamonds. Adding diamonds to a Rolex without factory diamonds can void the manufacturer’s warranty and damage your watch.

Factory diamonds are also better-quality, which can increase its resale value. However, beware of cheap aftermarket diamonds, as they will cause moisture penetration and affect its resale value.

Diamonds are not a necessary part of Rolex watches, but they can make the watch look a lot more expensive than it actually is.

They are not just for high-end jewelry, as manufacturers use specialized machines to sort the stones. The grading organization makes sure that the stones match up in terms of size, color, clarity, and cut. They also make sure to add stones that are a good match for the rest of the watch.

Another option for customizing your Rolex watch is to have them custom-made. The best option for adding diamonds to your Rolex is to get them custom-made by a jeweler who has an established reputation for producing high-quality work.

In most cases, a jeweler with the same high-quality standards as a Rolex will be able to replicate your watch’s look without a lot of effort on your part.

Will Rolex Service A Watch With Aftermarket Parts?

Will Rolex Service A Watch With Aftermarket Parts

Although many vintage watches seem to be incredibly complex to service, Rolex does offer a range of services to keep your timepiece in pristine condition.

For instance, if you’ve recently added aftermarket diamonds to your watch, Rolex will service it as part of the repair process. Regardless of whether the watch has a warranty, service is an essential part of maintaining it.

Aftermarket parts, such as dials, may cause problems with your Rolex. The company does not allow aftermarket dials because of potential damage.

Fortunately, a certified independent watchmaker can service your watch and replace the dial with a 100% original dial.

However, you’ll want to be careful as aftermarket parts and dials can be quite difficult to identify. If your watch has aftermarket diamonds, you’ll want to make sure that you have them removed prior to contacting Rolex.

The cost of servicing a Rolex watch can be expensive, but if you’ve invested in the right type of aftermarket diamonds and want it serviced properly, you’ll be able to get it fixed at a reasonable price. Some services charge over PS700, so if your watch needs servicing, consider a service shop.

Many professional watchmakers don’t offer services for Rolex watches because they don’t have the resources to purchase genuine service replacement components. Using fake products will ensure that your watch will not meet Rolex’s rigorous functionality standards.

Adding aftermarket diamonds to a Rolex watch is a relatively expensive process. Adding these diamonds is not a good option, but you may still be able to resell it once you’ve paid for the service.

It’s also worth mentioning that some vendors place junk diamonds in the bezel, and some may even lie about the quality of the diamonds.

Is An Aftermarket Diamond Rolex Worth It?

Is An Aftermarket Diamond Rolex Worth It

While factory-set diamond Rolex watches are beautiful, they don’t hold the value of a factory-made one. That’s why many collectors shy away from them.

Factory-set diamonds tend to have better quality, but aftermarket gem-setting options are far cheaper. Moreover, they don’t meet the standards of Rolex, so they can’t be sold at a higher price.

Another concern is the quality of the aftermarket diamond accessories. Some aftermarket Rolex models contain stone fragments or are cloudy.

Other aftermarket watches have dials that are not authentic. Dials in aftermarket replicas aren’t applied by the manufacturer, which means that they lack the authentic Rolex print. Online sellers may use inaccurate descriptions, which may make the watch look less valuable.

The price of aftermarket diamond Rolex watches varies widely. A factory-set model can cost anywhere from $50,000 to $5000, while an aftermarket one can cost only a few hundred dollars. Some of the best examples can be found at Diamonds By Raymond Lee in Boca Raton.

They sell for as little as $20,000! The cost of adding a diamond to a Rolex watch can range from a few hundred dollars to more than three thousand dollars, depending on the type of diamonds and the type of watch case.

Although aftermarket diamonds can increase the value of your Rolex watch, the truth is that they can also damage it. Because diamonds are custom-set, you’ll have to get a watch mechanic to install the diamond.

This can lead to numerous problems, and you’ll have to risk losing your warranty. Also, adding diamonds to your Rolex watch can void its manufacturer’s warranty.

Can I Add Diamonds To My Rolex?

Can I Add Diamonds To My Rolex

If you are thinking about adding a diamond to your Rolex, you’ve come to the right place. Although the addition of diamonds is a nice touch for a luxury watch, be aware of the pitfalls of adding aftermarket diamonds.

Diamonds added after the watch is no longer covered by warranty, and resale value can be low. Aftermarket diamonds are not as durable as factory-made ones and can scratch the case or get stuck in the movement. You also run the risk of moisture penetrating the diamonds, which could make the watch unreliable.

Luckily, Rolex employs gemologists and gem-setters to fix the stones on your watch. These professionals carefully select the gems and retain only those that meet rigorous quality standards.

Once the gems are in place, the gem-setters will carefully set them in place to showcase their full beauty. The diamond-paved dial of a Rolex will enhance its appearance and enchant its wearer.

You can add diamonds to your Rolex watch using aftermarket sources. Although the diamonds are part of the original design, these are not included in the original price of the timepiece.

Third-party jewelers are allowed to add diamonds to pre-existing Rolex watches. This option is known as aftermarket, and it’s not illegal to add diamonds to a Rolex watch.

When purchasing a Rolex, you should make sure that the watch has the original packaging. If the packaging is intact, the watch will be more valuable.

If you’re not sure about the packaging, try on several models and research your options. Then, remember to take good care of your purchase so that it will retain its original value. You will also want to ensure that the watch stays well-maintained to increase its value.


If you’re wondering if you can get Rolex to service a watch with aftermarket diamonds, you’re not alone. In fact, some watch owners have gone as far as customizing their watches with aftermarket diamonds. Although the brand does not prohibit this, the process is not free from risk.

In addition to putting a lot of money into your watch, vendors may even add junky diamonds to its bezels. If you’re worried about the price, go for an authorized Rolex dealer instead.

The quality of factory-set diamonds is far better than aftermarkets. Although many aftermarket dealers may claim they use the best diamonds, this doesn’t guarantee they’ll get the job right. In fact, many of these watches end up being worth less than they were before they were added.

This is because diamonds are considered non-genuine components, and they can cause many functional problems.

There’s a lot more to aftermarket diamonds than just high-end jewelry. Many fakes are created with counterfeit diamonds. The stones can be cloudy or cracked, or they may be non-white. Another danger of aftermarket diamond accessories is fake dials.

These don’t have authentic Rolex print on them, and they’re not guaranteed to be genuine. A watch that’s re-diamondted with non-genuine diamonds will be difficult to service.

Whether you choose to have your watch customized or have it replaced with factory-intended components, the process for Rolex service is the same.

However, it’s important to be sure that you’re getting the quality Rolex originally intended. Aftermarket diamonds may not be covered under their warranty, so you’ll have to pay extra. If your ring is a Rolex watch, it’s likely that a professional will recommend a repair center.

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