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Charge SmartWatch Without USB

Present technology is healthy technology for us. Day by day technology is upgrading so that users can use the technological gadgets very easily. Smart watches are very important gadgets in our life because smartwatches give us information about heart rate, blood pressure monitor.

With the passage of time, the technology of watches today has improved. Many features have been added. Life is so much easier than in the past.  

How Can I Charge My SmartWatch Without USB

We know that smartwatches need to charge. If you have a smartwatch without USB cherger. Don’t worry, you can charge your smartwatch in many ways. However, the process of charging a smartwatch without USB is to use a USB adapter.

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Qi wireless chargers don’t work because the tiny coils on the watch don’t generate enough voltage. Magnetic chargers work, but aren’t as convenient. You can look for it, but if you can’t find it at the local Market , you can try a magnetic charger made for phones. 

How To Charge A Smartwatch Without A USB Charger?

How To Charge A Smartwatch Without A USB Charger

It is a common question of smartwatch users. How do I charge my smartwatch without a charger? Solution is simple: You have a lot of facilities to charge your smartwatch. 

  • Way To Charge Smart Watch By Magnetic Charger

If you want to charge your smartwatch without a charger then you can use a magnetic charger. If the back of your smart home is equipped with a magnetic charger. Now align the charger port of your smartwatch with the charging port on the back of the watch. When your watch is charging, the charging status will be indicated by a lightning bolt next to the Percentage of the battery 

  • Way To Charge Smart Watch By Power Bank

Power Bank is the ideal option  for Smartwatch users becuse user can carry the power bank with him  and have a complete charge. However, make sure that the power bank you use can transfer voltage to your smartwatch. Once you find a suitable power bank, connect your smartwatch to it and wait for the watch to charge.

  • Way To Charge Smart Watch Qi Wireless Chargers

Qi technology is standard technology for wireless charging In the case of wireless charging Qi is the global standard technology. The name of Qi charging comes from Asian Philosophy. It means Vital energy. Basically it works by creating a magnet field that your device absorbs the energy. It is the best alternative to charge your smartwatch.

How Can I Charge My Smart Watch Without USB?

How Can I Charge My Smart Watch Without USB

If you want to operate your Apple watch then you have to charge your smartwatch regularly and you should always  carry the charger wherever you go. But what do you do when you don’t have a charger with you? 

 First way to charge your apple watch by the hidden port. The hidden port is located in the lower band slot and lifting the small cap will reveal the six pin port. 

If you can’t change by hidden port then you can charge Alternative Apple Watch Power Chargers. If you have an iphone charger so  Simply plug the charger into the wall. Then you will see that it is starting to charge. Also, you can charge your laptop with a USB cable. It is a good option . 

Can I Charge My Samsung Smartwatch Without A Charger?

Can I Charge My Samsung Smartwatch Without A Charger

No need to worry if you break or lose your samsung smartwatch charger .You can charge in different ways. It can be a great option to use wireless power share feature which is great for charging samsung and Qi-supported watches.

Few Tips For Charging Your Smartwatch In General:

Below are some tips about smartwatches which will help to use the device in the long term. 

  • What Is Special About Smart Watch?

Many people think that a smartwatch is a general watch but I say it is not a good idea for you .Smartwatch gives us a lot of information about our health and fitness. You can know the heart rate during the exercise time. You can also know about blood pressure and ECG Monitoring from your smartwatch.

  • How To Avoid High Temperatures?

Don’t keep your smartwatch in the sunlight and hot place  directly. then the battery can damage within a short time . 

  • Should You Clean Your Charging Port?

It is true that our habit is that we are not used to cleaning the charger port but it is so important because if there is dirty in the charging port then charging will cause many problems. If you want good charging performance then you must keep the charging port clean. You can clean the port with water, mild liquid soap, and a cotton ball

  • Use The Official Charger

It is the first condition to keep your smartwatch good for a long time. First, you have to use the original charger then your smartwatch battery will last much longer.

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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs] 

Q: Can You Charge A Smartwatch On A Wireless Charger?

A : Yes, You can charge your smartwatch without a wireless charger. There are many options to charge your smartwatch 

Q: How Can I Charge Without Cable?

A: You can charge your smartwatch without a wireless charger if you want. For this you need to buy a wireless charging pad 

Q: How Can I Extend The Battery Life Of My Smartwatch?

A : There are many options to extend your battery life. You need to be aware of this.If the brightness of your smartwatch screen is bright then the battery consumption will be high so you should use the automatic brightness setting on your smartwatch.


The last option is to use an official charger for your smartwatch. However, this is not recommended for most models. The USB cable is a great way to avoid damaging your smartwatch battery.

 Unless your smartwatch comes with a USB cable, you should purchase one. The USB cable must be connected to an active power source such as a laptop or other device. This will also ensure that the battery is calibrated.

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