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How To Block Stolen iPhone With IMEI Number

How to get the IMEI Number from iPhone and iPad if they are locked? These are some common questions asked by users: How do I find the IMEI number of my locked iPad?

And, how do I get an IMEI from an iPad that has been iCloud locked? This article will answer both these questions.

Read on to discover the easiest way to find the IMEI number of a locked iPad.

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How To Block Stolen iPhone or iPad With IMEI Number?

How To Block Stolen iPhone or iPad With IMEI Number? There are a few ways to do it, including using Apple ID.

To unlock a locked device, simply log into your Apple ID account and copy the IMEI number. Otherwise, you can use iTunes to locate the IMEI number. The number will be listed under Phone Number or Serial Number.

The IMEI number can also be helpful if you’re having trouble getting support from Apple. The company can tell you exactly which model and year it was released by using the IMEI number. You can also use this information if you’re locked and want to unblock it.

However, if you don’t want to unlock your device, you can call Apple Support and ask them to look up the IMEI.

The IMEI number can also be found on older iPhone models. If you’re interested in buying a second-hand device, look for a long number that is labeled IMEI.

This number is written in tiny font. Once you unlock a locked iPhone, you can use it for BYOP or to prevent buying stolen iPhones. Whether you’re a tech whiz or a handyman, the IMEI number is a valuable tool in the right hands.

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Ways To Find IMEI Number On iPhone And iPad?

If your iPhone and iPad are locked, there are a couple of ways to find the IMEI number. Firstly, if you know your Apple ID, you can use it to find the IMEI number on the locked device.

To do this, open the Settings app and go to General – About. Scroll down to IMEI number and tap it to record it. Secondly, if you unlock your iPhone, you can use the Phone app to find the IMEI number.

IMEI stands for “International Mobile Equipment Identity”, which is a 15-digit unique identifier assigned to every cell phone. This number can be used for a variety of purposes, including tracing a lost or stolen phone, and checking the device’s history.

Unfortunately, the IMEI number is often confused with the Electronic Serial Number (ESN) or serial number. Nevertheless, both are useful for various purposes, so it’s vital to know the difference.

Another option is to use a dedicated unlocking software. A dedicated unlocking software is available for Mac and Windows. If you don’t have an IMEI number, you can still unlock your iPhone using iToolab UnlockGo.

This program can unlock your iPhone without the IMEI number. However, it’s important to download the latest firmware and connect the iPhone to your computer before unlocking it.

How Do I Find The IMEI Number On A Locked iPad?

The IMEI is a 15-digit code that Apple uses to identify and track your mobile device. It can be found on the device itself or on its original packaging. If your device is locked, you can use the IMEI to register it with Apple.

If you are not able to find the IMEI, you can try contacting Apple support for assistance. IMEI numbers can be helpful in many ways, including warranty claims and registrations.

The IMEI number is visible on your iPad’s box and can be obtained using the Apple Mobile Device (Recovery Mode) and iTunes.

IMEI numbers are also displayed on cellular devices. You can find the IMEI number of a locked iPad by following the instructions in the instructions provided by the manufacturer. You may have to grant your computer access to your iPad to perform this procedure.

If your iPhone is locked, you can try calling the *#06# button on your device. Once you do this, you can view the IMEI number of a locked device.

Then, use your Apple ID to access your device’s iCloud account and obtain the serial number. You should also check the IMEI number of a locked iPad through the Apple ID.

How Do You Get An IMEI From A Locked Iphone?

If you want to unlock your iPhone or iPad, you should find out its IMEI number. It can be found on the battery, in the phone’s packaging, or outside the phone box.

To find the IMEI of your iPhone, follow the instructions below. This method is suitable for both iOS and Android devices. Here are some tips to unlock your iPhone:

To find the IMEI number of your iPhone or iPad, you need to open the Settings app and then select General. From here, you will find the information about your device, including IMEI and serial number. Another way to unlock your iPhone is through iTunes. You must use iTunes 7.6-8.1 or iTunes 10. If you use a PC, make sure to use iTunes.

After opening iTunes, you should open the device’s settings. In Settings, select General. Click on Phone Number. On the iPad, tap the Serial Number option.

You will see your IMEI number. If you have an older Mac and cannot upgrade the OS, you can also search for the IMEI number on iPhone using iTunes.

To find the IMEI number on iPhone & iPad if locked, connect the device to your computer. The serial number will show up under Phone Number and IMEI.

How Do I Get My IMEI Number After Factory Reset?

If you’re locked out of your iPhone or iPad, you can still recover it with the help of a few methods. Fortunately, you can get this number without having to perform a factory reset.

The first method will require you to locate the SIM tray. To find this, open the Settings app and find the cogwheel symbol. The IMEI will be on the side of the SIM card.

After unlocking your phone, you can locate it in the Settings app. Click General or About to view it. Tap the IMEI number to record it.

You can also access the IMEI number through the Phone app after unlocking your phone. Just use the phone number to dial *#06 to retrieve the number. You can then copy and paste it into a text editor to get the IMEI.

While not all iPhone models have an IMEI number etched on the back, older iPhone models should. The IMEI number is engraved on the back, but the numbers were easy to fake so Apple took this out of the newer models. This method is the best way to retrieve the IMEI number if you’ve lost it or need it for a legal reason.

How Do I Find My IMEI Number On Locked iPhone 7?

How do I find my IMEI number if my iPhone 7 is locked? There are two ways to do this: the first is to simply dial *#06# to display the IMEI line.

However, this method does not work if the screen is locked. The other option is to access the IMEI line in Settings, General, About. To find your IMEI number, follow these steps.

To find your IMEI number, go to Settings – General – Phone Number. Next, click on the IMEI field. You will see a pop-up that will display your phone’s IMEI number.

After entering the IMEI, you can unlock the phone. It’s easy as pie! It will give you a list of the information about your phone.

Next, locate the SIM tray. The IMEI number (also called EID or IMEI2) is located on the left-hand side of the SIM tray. Tap on the IMEI number to record it.

If you don’t have the iPhone, you can also find your IMEI number by using the Phone app. To do this, you should have the latest version of iTunes on your computer.


If you have a locked iPhone or iPad, you may want to unlock it. The IMEI can be found by accessing the Settings menu and then going to General. It is also located inside the SIM tray and can be found under the battery.

Getting the IMEI number of your phone or iPad is possible if you’ve restored it. In this article, we’ll look at the steps required to unlock your device.

If your iPhone is locked, you can still get the IMEI number by accessing the official box of the device. Typically, the IMEI number is printed on the side of the box.

This number will be displayed on your device. If you can’t locate the box, you can use the Apple ID to get the number. However, you’ll need to be a Windows user in order to use this method.

The IMEI number can also be found on older iPhone models. To get the IMEI number of an older model, find the text “Designed by Apple in California” underneath the “Designed in California” line of text.

If you can’t find this text, look to the far right of the next line of text. If the IMEI number is listed there, it’s probably locked.

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