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How To Charge A Smartwatch Without A Charger

Smartwatches are part of our life in the current situation. Not only the time, the smartwatch gives us more health information to know about our health.

This includes tracking your heart rate, sleep, activity and overall fitness level. This essential device should always be kept active but sometimes is not a possible charging issue. 

Smartwatch companies provide us with a dedicated charger to charge your smartwatch. So, you can charge your smartwatch with your own charger but if your charger gets damaged or lost then you can charge your smartwatch in alternative ways. However,caution must be exercised before using the charger in the alternative manner. 

How Do You Charge A Smartwatch Without A Charger?

We used to use our dedicated charger for charging smartwatches but in different situations we need to charge our smartwatch without a dedicated charger.

First, wireless charger pads are currently the most widely used charging device. Being wireless is increasing in number of uses so you can use a wireless charger as an alternative to a charger.

Besides, the power bank is one of the charging devices and can be easily moved to any place so that you can use the power bank as an alternative to the charger but you have to take care that the power bank should always be fully charged so that you can charge your smart home in any situation.

On the other side, we know the USB cable as the interface, but if you want, you can charge your smartwatch by connecting it to the laptop and computer with the USB cable. You have to connect the two-pin part with the smartwatch and you can use the USB port as an alternative to your charger by connecting it to the computer and laptop port.

How To Charge A Smartwatch Without A Charger At Home?

Basically, we use our own charger to charge at home. Unfortunately if we don’t have a charger then we can charge differently.

  • As an alternative to the charger you can use a solar charger. You have to charge the battery first in sunlight and then you can easily charge it with a cable attached to the battery.
  • If you have a laptop or computer at home, you can easily charge it through a USB cable.
  • If you have your own car, you can charge your smartwatch in your car. You need a USB cable for this.
  • Besides, you can easily charge your smart watch with your power bank and wireless charger pad.

How To Charge An Apple Watch Without A Charger? 

If you want your Apple Smart Watch to function well, you need to charge your smartwatch properly. You may not need to charge every day then you need to carry the charger with you. If you don’t have a charger with you, you can charge it in an alternative way.

Apple smartwatches have a hidden port. This hidden port is the only way you can charge without a dedicated charger. Besides, you can charge with USB charger cable, iPhone charger and battery pack as charger option.

How To Charge Your Fossil Smartwatch Without A Charger? 

If you own a Fossil smartwatch and want to charge your smartwatch without a dedicated charger, this article is for you.

First you can charge your smartwatch through a USB outlet connection with a computer USB port.

If you have a portable battery charger you can charge your smartwatch. If your smartwatch has a 3.5mm audio port, you can plug an AUX cord into the watch. It is a medium.

You can also use the Universal Smartwatch Charger if you want. Which is one of the alternative methods?

How To Charge A Samsung Galaxy Watch Without A Charger? 

Samsung Smartwatch is a popular smartwatch. If you’ve lost your Samsung smartwatch charger or the charger isn’t working, you can charge your smartwatch in a number of ways.

  1. You can use QI wireless charging on Samsung series smartwatches.
  2. If you have a Galaxy phone, you can share power to charge your smartwatch.

How To Charge Any Huawei Smartwatch Without A Charger? 

We keep looking for a dedicated charger option to charge our Huawei smartwatch for various reasons.

  1. We can use the Portable Power Bank as an alternative to Huawei Smartwatch. The advantage is that we can charge our smartwatch in any situation.
  2. You can also charge your smart watch through the QI wireless charger pad.

How Can I Charge My Watch Without A Magnetic Charger?

Every charger requires a charger cable, but if you use a wireless charging pad, you don’t need to use a magnetic charger.

You can charge your phone using the USB Port to Charge Your Phone as an alternative to the magnetic charger.

You can also charge your smartwatch through the battery pack and can also charge your smartwatch with eco-friendly solar.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q. Are All SmartWatch Chargers The Same?

Not all smartwatch chargers are the same. Each company has its own band. They make their own chargers. However, some smartwatch chargers can be charged by other smartwatch chargers. There are also some universal chargers through which you can charge your smartwatch.

Q. How Do We Charge SmartWatches Without USB Port?

Yes you can charge your smartwatch without a USB port. For this you need to use a wireless QI charger pad.

Q. How Do I Charge My W26 Plus SmartWatch Without A Charger?

If you want to charge your smartwatch W26 without a charger then you can use a USB charger into your laptop, PC, Mac, notebook USB port.


Your smartwatch comes with a dedicated charger that’s made by the smartwatch company to charge your home. If your charger is broken or lost then you have no reason to panic. You can charge your smartwatch in alternative ways.

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